Learning to follow Jesus

An introduction to four Bible studies for new or re-committed Christians who want to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

your new identity

This Bible study will help you reflect on your new identity in Christ and how God is working in your life.

your journey to the cross

Learn more in this study about the core mission of Jesus and the implications for your life.

your lifelong adventure

In this story, Jesus describes a variety of spiritual conditions in people, including those who are good soil for fruitful spiritual growth.

growing disciples in Christ

Use this worksheet for exercising spiritual disciplines to strengthen your growth as a follower of Jesus.

growing disciples in Christ

Use this journaling exercise for learning to follow Jesus as a response to Study 4: Your Lifelong Adventure.

growing disciples in Christ

These next steps will prepare you for continued growth in following Jesus.

For EC - 20061016

You may wonder if you will ever change the world, but if you’re involved in a Christian group on campus, you have more influence that you think.

For StudentSoul EC - 20061002

Sometimes we need to take a break from the books to see the sky and the little things in the grass at our feet.

network mapping

Mapping your relational networks can open doors to new ministry opportunities.