GROW: Learning to Follow Jesus

Learning to follow Jesus

Did you know there’s a party going on in heaven right now because of you?

The Bible says that when someone decides to follow Jesus, a celebration breaks out in heaven (Luke 15:10). Whether you’re completely new to Christian faith—or newly coming alive to faith as a re-committed Christian—welcome home to the family!

There is so much joy in beginning a journey of following Jesus—so much to discover, experience, and learn. We do not do this alone; faith is a team effort.


Growing as a follower of Jesus happens in vibrant and dynamic ways over time.

1)  You grow in Christ as you grow in intimacy and identity as a beloved child of God.

2)  You grow to be more like Christ as your passions, energies, and interests are transformed by his love.

3)  You grow with Christ as you join him in his mission to bring other people into his good kingdom of justice, mercy, and compassion.

As we follow Jesus, we experience healthy growth in all three of these dimensions.


How do we grow as disciples of Christ? Take a look at the discipleship cycle in the diagram. What does it mean to you? Have you ever been involved in anything like this?

While each person’s story of growth will be as unique as an individual fingerprint, the process at work within all of our stories is remarkably similar.

Discipleship Cycle1)  At some point, we Hear the Word of God given to us in the Bible: we study, or pray, or listen to a message at church, or talk with a friend.

2)  For growth to happen we do something more than just hear; we Respond Actively and specifically to the words we hear.

3)  We also Debrief and Interpret so that we can learn from what we experience as we Hear and Respond.

For the next four weeks, and for the rest of your life, you will focus on this vision and living out this growth cycle.


All this growth happens best as you become part of a community of other followers of Jesus—in a church or Bible study or campus fellowship. As you check out this guide for spiritual growth, you will need a Christian friend or mentor to help you get the most out of each of the four studies. Think about who you can ask to partner with you in these days of new beginnings.

Remember: There is a party going on in heaven in your honor! Celebrate, because the journey of following Jesus is the adventure of a lifetime.

Beginning a Journey

Get started with the first Bible study, Your New Identity, to help you reflect on your new identity in Christ and how God is working in your life.