Me? A small-group leader?

SP - Me? A small-group leader?

Many people who could be dynamic and effective small-group leaders believe they aren’t qualified. Unfortunately, many of those who would make great leaders pass up the opportunity to be used by God in this capacity.

As I consider the people who have helped me to grow spiritually, I recognize six characteristics. Anyone who has these qualities can probably be an effective small-group leader. How about you?

  • A growing relationship with Jesus Christ. The people who made a difference in my life were committed to growing in Christ. They never pretended they had arrived.
  • A commitment to learn. These people were perpetual learners. They wanted to improve in all areas of life.
  • A sincere love. The old saying is true: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” At times their love has been confronting, sometimes demanding, sometimes gentle and nurturing, but always for my benefit.
  • A commitment of time. They were available to me. It’s difficult to make an impact on people’s lives without investing time in them.
  • An understanding of God’s Word. I was influenced most by those who could lead me to God’s truth. You don’t have to be a Bible scholar or theologian, but a general understanding of God’s Word is essential.
  • People-related gifts and skills. Leaders who make a difference understand how people think, feel and learn.

— Mark Whelchel. From The Small Group Letter; used by permission.