One Love is Not Enough

one love in not enuf

One great love in your life is not enough. We need more, particularly if we are going to lead a good life. We need at least four great loves.

Look around your campus and you’ll see people looking for love. Some find it. Some don’t. Some look in the wrong places. We all long to love and be loved. Our deep hunger for love connects us with family, friends and romantic partnerships.

But those same relationships also cause the deepest pain when hurtful words and actions break the bond of affection.

Is your goal in life to be loved, or to be loving? Becoming a more loving person is a life-long journey. When Jesus is our companion and guide, he changes us to be more like him. His love expands into our hearts and flows out to others.

How does this happen? Here is a guiding beacon toward embracing the lavish love God has for you, then lavishing it on others for his sake: love God, love God’s Word, love God’s people and love God’s purposes in his world.

Begin unpacking each of these four great loves in this article by InterVarsity: One Love is Not Enough.

Live out these core purposes in a local church or in a faith community on campus where you can be loved and can love others generously as a reflection of the intimate affection Jesus has for you.