Time for a Personal Checkup!

personal checkup

Sometimes students in leadership or heavy-demand volunteer positions can lose site of their own well-being. How are you doing, not only spiritually, but also as a whole person? Try this checkup:

  • I’m spending time daily with my heavenly Father in prayer.
  • I’m making time to read and study his Word.
  • I try to confess my sins and repent of them regularly.
  • I remember to thank God for what he has done and to praise him for who he is.

  • I’m getting proper nutrition.
  • I’m getting adequate amounts of sleep.
  • I get enough exercise.
  • I take time to relax and play and enjoy fun times.

  • I frequently remind myself what I’ve learned about God, his ways, and his promises.
  • I celebrate what God is doing around me and in me.
  • I am honest with God, myself and others, sharing my experiences, thoughts, and feelings.
  • I remember that (and act as if) I am part of a team and not responsible for everything.

Time Management:
  • I know my priorities and sometimes even keep them straight.
  • I regularly evaluate whether I should drop some responsibilities.
  • I keep “wide margins” in my calendar, so as not to be spread too thin.

  • I believe and act toward others as if people are more important than programs.

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