Questions for cross-cultural re-entry

home again

Sidebar to Home Again!

Here are a few reflection questions to ask yourself as you re-enter your home culture after spending time in another culture:

1. What were the highlights of your cross-cultural experience? the low points?

2. What did you learn about God? (whether easy or hard lessons)

3. What did you learn about yourself?

4. What did you learn about the other culture? about the world? about God’s purposes in the world?

5. What expectations were met or unmet during your experience? upon your return?

6. How does what you’ve experienced and learned affect the rest of your time in school and/or your future?

7. How will you apply what you’ve learned back on campus? (Some suggestions: lead a GIG, befriend an international student, get involved with a person or group that is racially or ethnically different from you.)

—Rich Henderson