Try our small-group checkup!

try our small-group checkup

Whether you’re in the middle of a busy term or nearing the end of your small-group life together, it helps to kick back and look at yourselves as a group. Here are some questions to think about and discuss together.

  1. How are we doing at becoming Jesus followers? In what ways are we effective at helping each other become faithful disciples? Where are each of us as members compared to one month ago? Six months ago?
  2. How are we doing as a group in the area of relationships? Individual strengths? Individual weaknesses? Leadership development?
  3. How would we describe our group to other people? What are the strongest points of our group? How can we enhance those strengths?
  4. What are the weakest points of our group? How can we address those weaknesses?
  5. What particular problems stand out that seem to hinder our openness and honesty with each other?
  6. How has our group been a gift to you as a member? How has the group helped you grow?
  1. In what ways have we as a group affected the people around us who are not in the group or who do not yet know Jesus as Savior? What could we do to be a witness to Christ and to serve those people?

Some questions adapted from books on small groups published by InterVarsity Press. See the side bar for suggested reading.