Soil Analysis: Journaling Assignment

growing disciples in Christ

Healthy growth as a follower of Jesus (like healthy soil) happens in vibrant and dynamic ways over time. Please review the discipleship vision:

  • You grow in Christ as you grow in intimacy and identity as a beloved child of God.
  • You grow to be more like Christ as your passions, energies, and interests are transformed by his love.
  • You grow with Christ as you join him in his mission to bring other people into his good kingdom of justice, mercy, and compassion.

Spend time reflecting on the following questions and journaling to assess your spiritual growth and health. Respond all at once or over several days.

For your growth in Christ:

  • What are your greatest assets relationally? How are they contributing to or inhibiting your growth as a disciple? Ask God for a next step in relationship with him or others.
  • What are your greatest securities and/or insecurities in identity? Ask God to speak a word to you in prayer or Scripture about your growing identity in him.

For your growth like Christ:

  • What is your greatest character strength? Your greatest character flaw? In each area (strength and flaw), how is Jesus inviting you to become more like him? Consider asking this question in prayer with someone who knows you well.
  • What are your greatest passions or interests? Spend a moment asking God what he wants to do in these areas.

For your growth with Christ:

  •  Reflect on your immediate world (friends, university, city, family) and ask Jesus how he is already at work in that world. Ask what part he wants you to play in that work.
  • In what way (if any) have you been involved in Jesus’ mission so far (his mission is very diverse)? Ask God what next steps he has for you in mission.

Putting these reflections together, ask Jesus which of these dimensions of growth (in Christ, like Christ, or with Christ) he wants you to focus on in the next month. Revisit these questions periodically as a check-up for your spiritual growth.

Beginning a Journey

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