Some Easter poems

Some Easter poems

Celebrating Lent and “Holy Week” may be easily lost among the busyness of college life. You may be facing heavy assignments and frenzied activities, or you may be in the middle of your spring break. Whatever you’re doing, take some time to read and reflect on the events leading to Jesus’ arrest, crucifixion and resurrection. Here are a few poems and some suggested Scripture readings to help you reflect.


“Eden Inversed” by Christine F. Nordquist

“The Morsel” by Shelley A. Soceka

“Good Friday and Rising” by Barbara Seaman

“Gethsemane” by Sally Sampson Craft

“Paschal Lamb” by Judith L. Roth

“Agenda for Easter Morning” by Bill McConnell

Other Easter readings

Hard pressed, some thoughts about Jesus in Gethsemane by Scott Bessenecker.

Days of the Holy Week by Dennis Bratcher. Interesting reading about the reasons and ways Christians observe Holy Week.