Summertime -- and the reading is easy

Summertime reading

It won’t be long before you head back to campus for another exciting year, and yet there’s still time to enjoy the summer. You may be working a job or just chilling, but remember to take time to relax and read. We’ve asked around for some good book recommendations. Here are a few.

Jen Wojtysiak, InterVarsity staff for UW-Milwaukee and Marquette U, offers a list of “top five must reads for the summer”:

1. Who You Are When No One’s Looking by Bill Hybels

One of the most influential books I read as a student. The adage you need to walk the walk and not just talk the talk is the foundation for this book. What does living out that statement look like? How can I have integrity throughout my whole life, in all circles — friends, family and classmates? Hybels answers these question and many more concerning our character and integrity development. This is a foundational book for any Christian to read. If you haven’t read it, pick it up this summer.

2. Kingdom Come by Allen Wakabyashi

“Jesus didn’t come to save people from the ship, he came to save the ship,” is one of my favorite quotes from Allen Wakabyashi’s book, Kingdom Come. What does a whole gospel theology look like? Have we been missing large parts of it in recent times? Kingdom Come fleshes out the gospel of Jesus, and defines the kingdom of God; something we talk about all the time but barely understand. I guarantee your perspective of the gospel and the kingdom will never be the same after reading this book.

3. Good News about Injustice by Gary Haugen

Can there be good news about injustice? Gary Haugen explores this theory in his book Good News about Injustice. He answers that questions with a resounding yes — the good news is that God cares passionately about injustice and has a plan for its removal: us! Good News about Injustice is a beginning look into the call to fight injustice in our lives, cities and world. He has a practical perspective about what we can do here and now.

4. Knowing God by J.I. Packer

Summer is a great time to read books that we may not have the time and energy to read during the school year. Knowing God is one of those books. J. I. Packer helps us know God, not merely know about God. God’s person and character should influence every decision in our lives, but unless we know God this cannot happen. Packer writes an in-depth theology of God that anyone can understand and have change, shape and influence their view of God. Your perspective of God will be enlarged as you read this book.

5. Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Another great summer read, foundational to a solid theology of Christianity. C. S. Lewis looks at three fundamental questions relating to Christianity: the meaning of the universe, what Christians believe, and Christian behavior. Through these sections Lewis does a phenomenal job of helping all of us know what true Christianity is about.