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In higher education, InterVarsity is committed to the transformation of the “whole pond,” not just rescuing a few of the fish in it. Explore the value of academics, trends in the university world and consider what means to be “salt and light” wherever God has placed you.

The journey of following Jesus is the adventure of a lifetime, with much to learn and experience. Get started discovering more about your relationship with God.

Do you long for your campus fellowship to grow in both size and quality? InterVarsity is all about helping chapters becoming multiethnic witnessing communities that attract fellow students to Jesus. Find articles and stories that will help your group multiply.

How does a group of students and faculty with a vision for their campus get ready to launch a witnessing community that continues to grow? We’re gathering how-to helps, tips, articles and tools to help you get started.

We’re all connected to friends and family, group members, peers and professors, boyfriends and girlfriends. Relationships matter, even if they’re not always easy.

Learning to cross cultures is important, but taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t easy. Here are tools and stories that will help you move cross-culturally.

Leadership is the process of calling people to a vision while also defining reality. True leaders are seeking ways to obey and partner with God to bring that vision about. But how is leadership worked out practically? Here are some ideas.

Worship is far more than music and singing. It’s learning to honor and trust God when we least feel capable of doing so. It’s living life in ways that display God’s grace and bring honor to his name. It’s about both community and personal spiritual worship. Here are tips for leading worship, as well as poetry, stories and tools that will help you come closer to God.

Life on a college campus is full of decisions. And those decisions include actions, lifestyle, relationships, attitudes and priorities. Here is a collection of articles, good questions, and stories that consider ways to think about how and why we live the way we do.

Remember how you felt after all your stuff was moved into the dorm and your parents drove away? A new life was about to begin! First-year students experience a lot of emotions, changes and opportunities during that crucial first week on campus. Here are ideas and strategies for reaching out to new students.

Jesus called us his “witnesses.” We’ve met him and seen what he can do, and we want to tell others about it. Talking to others about Jesus can be both natural and fun, but it may seem a little intimidating at first. This section is about sharing your faith and hearing some good stories about others who are doing it too.

Many students want to make a lasting mark on the world. While social justice issues can be a popular bandwagon for some, for Christians the call to justice is profound and ongoing.

We’re all headed somewhere in our relationship with God. Here are helps for those starting to investigate God and also for those who’ve been on the road awhile.

Learning to value diversity in the ways God has created us and placed us within our cultures is foundational to true reconciliation. Here we gather articles and stories, tips and tools to help you get started on your own ethnic identity journey and to encourage us all toward truth and love in our multiethnic world.

Faith is living in the tension of two worlds — the seen and the unseen. It’s learning to trust that God is good even when we don’t know all the answers to our hard questions. There is value in pondering life with God and facing tough questions about belief, lifestyle, relationships and more.